Dr. William Golden, DO


Medical School

Michigan State University
College of Osteopathic Medicine

We are pleased to announce Dr. William Golden has joined our practice at Lansing Orthopedics, P.C.

Dr. William Golden graduated from Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, in 1984.
In addition to a residency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM), he has studied extensively with
some of the world's renown osteopaths.

He has taught at MSU-COM, from 1997 to 2013, including courses of an OMM approach that eliminates any
forceful maneuvers, but instead works with the patient’s own physiology to free areas of the body which
have restricted motion. Osteopathic manipulative treatment is a form of palpatory evaluation and manual
treatment applied by an osteopathic physician to alleviate areas of increased tissue tension resulting in
decreased motion. When a structure cannot move freely it can impair that structure's function.

Indications for OMM in the adult population include low back pain, headaches, neck pain, and numerous other aches and pains.

Pediatric conditions include plagiocephaly, torticollis, colic, GERD, decreased latching, feeding difficulties and sleep disturbances.

Indications for OB patients include easing some of the physical discomfort of pregnancy, preparing for the demands of labor, and helping the mother to recover after the birth.