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The following organizations and links provide additional information about orthopaedic procedures, conditions and treatments.  Please understand that we offer these links as helpful resources, but are not responsible for the information located on these sites and do not endorse any products or services.

Shoulder and Elbow

The joints of the shoulder are the most mobile in the body, which also makes them the most unstable and most susceptible to injuries.  Shoulder problems can interfere with almost all of the most basic daily activities.  The following link provides more information related to shoulder conditions and rehabilitation.

Hand and Wrist

From carpal tunnel to arthritis, hand problems require special care. Lansing Orthopedic provides comprehensive care and the latest advances in hand surgery including arthroscopic and microsurgical procedures.  For detailed information about common hand problems please follow the link below.

Hip and Thigh

Hip problems and chronic hip pain can impede a person's ability to participate in and enjoy a full life.  Lansing Orthopedica provides a full range of treatment options that are appropriate for people with arthritis, sports injuries, and fractures.  The following links provide information related to hip problems, incljuding treatment and rehabilition techniques.

Knee and Lower Leg

Knee problems like arthritis, meniscus and ACL tears, or damage to other cartilages and ligaments are common concerns for everyone. Lansing Orthopedic offers a wide range of treatment options for people suffering with chronic knee pain or joint injuries.  The following links provide detailed information about knee problems, and knee exercises.

Foot and Ankle

The foot and ankle joints take a lot of abuse duing the course of normal daily activity.  Because of this they are particularly vulnerable to problems. These problems with the foot may be the result of a wide range of complex symptoms, including the secondary effects of diabetes, nervous system disorders, congenital deformities, and of course sports injuries.   The following links provide information related to foot and ankle conditions and rehabilitation.